Moving Forward

Commercial Real Estate

At REALTEQ we want to generate first class solutions on the long term. Our clients  trust in us is crucial for building our unique global network.

We want to lead to a better process that makes our clients proud.


REALTEQ is the worlds first  global Commercial Real Estate manager. We provide an innovative solution to  clients worldwide.

Our company differentiates by offering an inclusive solution to our clients who desire a fulfillment of multiple needs. 

We recognize that our clients have extensive knowledge of their processes and complement their insights by offering them individual advice.

Our clients importance is our core business. We provide a CRE solution to private, corporate and institutional clients worldwide. Without our clients we cannot exist.

REALTEQ Investment Partners

Companies searching for investment opportunities are often looking for history and results achieved. REALTEQ started building a new business model with many advantages. The only thing we therefore are not able to show is a successful trackrecord from our previous years.  

Although results from the past are no guarantee for a successful future, good results give safety to investors. Since we are a new company we replace a fortunate history by reliable partnerships for the present and future. In this way we can still show results , the results that our partners share with us by contract into a partnership agreement.

Funding Rounds

Information reading our investment rounds will be communicated here.


For any questions regarding investors please contact us here.