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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers


What is REALTEQ?

REALTEQ is an online application that allows Commercial Real Estate parties to communicate and conduct their complex negotiation process, in relation to commercial terms and the lease agreement, with each other via one central system, giving overview and insights, increasing productivity and achieving better decision making.

What is a MVP?

MVP means Minimum Viable Product, it’s used by software developing companies to name the first minimum version of their product. REALTEQ is now launching their MVP meaning the core of their product and at the same time also just the beginning.


For whom to use?

REALTEQ is built for all Commercial Real Estate parties, Brokers, Landlords and Tenants can gain a professional advantage by using REALTEQ to optimize their negotiation process and outcome.


How does it work?

Register today to start using REALTEQ immediately or schedule a free demo.


Do we have to change the way we work?

REALTEQ is built by Commercial Real Estate professionals for Commercial Real Estate professionals, we know the process in and out. We don’t want to change the process, we are optimizing it. Reducing manual and repetitive tasks, giving overview and insights but not changing the way Commercial Real Estate parties negotiate.


Why can't we negotiate without REALTEQ?

Commercial Real Estate parties are perfectly capable of going through the negotiation process for decades already using fax machines, letters, phone calls and present day emails containing Word and Excel. REALTEQ is offering an improvement to the process, increasing productivity and giving data insights. It’s the way forward in Commercial Real Estate negotiation.


Why should we use REALTEQ?

The value of REALTEQ is the sum of problems we solve:

 Productivity increase

Stop editing all sorts of files and start focusing on what is important

 Data insights

Collect, organise and consult all the data that is yours

Single source

No more hundreds of simultaneous emails, text messages and phone calls making you lose track of the process

Where can we use it?

After the launch in Singapore the global network of REALTEQ will be expanded first amongst native English speaking regions within APAC, America’s, Europe and Middle East and thereafter different native languages will be implemented for non-English regions (Greater China, Japan, India, Korea and Europe)


What about DATA protection?

Our users trust in us is our main and most important priority, without our users trust we cannot operate our business. Therefore we, as REALTEQ, will guarantee our users we will do everything within our power to protect our users privacy, data and discretion. Our developers are working following ISO certification guidelines.