Our business:

REALTEQ's business model is build on 3 key drivers

1 Reliability

2 Innovation

3 Data insights

What we do:

REALTEQ is the worlds first  global Commercial Real Estate manager. We provide an innovative solution to  clients worldwide.

Our company differentiates by offering an inclusive solution to our clients who desire a fulfillment of multiple needs. 

We recognize that our clients have extensive knowledge of their processes and complement their insights by offering them individual advice.

Our clients importance is our core business. We provide a CRE solution to private, corporate and institutional clients worldwide. Without our clients we cannot exist.

What we think:

Aiming for the moon:

The power of automation and data insights surmounts any image that is build on results from the past.

An increase in productivity of 20% can be accomplished with our product.


Are you looking for an overall increase in productivity and are you ready to start using all your data? 

Our clients appreciate our progressive businessmodel without losing sight of their own interests.

REALTEQ user goals may include the following:

  • Productivity increase
  • Manual & repetitive task reduction
  • Overnieuw
  • Data driven decision making

At REALTEQ we add value to those goals in a credible way.

Moving forward Commercial Real Estate.

Where we are:

‘Working on our MVP at the moment’

Our next goal:

Preparing for our initial investment round to boost the initial product launch


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