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Our history


REALTEQ was founded in 2021 by a group of entrepreneurial professionals. The existing RFP negotiation process for Commercial Real Estate leases lacks efficiency, overview and data insights. A vast amount of data is being transferred between parties during Commercial Real Estate negotiation but is never fully used to make a lease transaction as seamless and effective as possible for all parties involved.

With over two decades of experience in software development this problem was the base for our first product and from there we launched our ambitions to build a product designed by Real Estate Experts but build by experienced Software Professionals. 

~REALTEQ was born~

Our future

What We Think

Validating our vision, progress and product continuously, keeps us going in the right direction.

Our product is developed by Real Estate Experts for Real Estate Experts.

The Commercial Real Estate market is offering so many opportunities to innovate.

Lease Negotiation meets all the requirements.

Our company is a collective of Real Estate- & Software Development-experts striving to build impactful solutions.

We are focussed on increasing efficiency and productivity without changing the process for all the parties involved. REALTEQ is no party during the negotiation. We are offering an opportunity to stay ahead of the market. Increase productivity and utilize all the data that is yours. 

With decades of proven experience, this is where Commercial Real Estate meets Technology.

Real Estate

"Experienced in closing over 200 leases for Forbes Global 2000 companies worldwide."


"We don't outsource our product and coding, software development is the core of our company."