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Technology to lead the way


A digitalized commercial lease negotiation experience

Work smarter using data insights and reduce repetitive tasks at the same time. Why still conduct your Commercial Real Estate negotiations via Word, Excel, Outlook and telephone? This is not another software tool where you can track your negotiations and input terms manually. REALTEQ automates the whole negotiation process from start to finish.


During the lease negotiation proces of a single (large-scale) Commercial Real Estate project over a thousand emails are sent between brokers, tenants and landlords. Many hours of calls and meetings are scheduled. This proces usually takes 6 to 18 months or more.

All RFP data and terms are manually copied and pasted in different excel files and are scattered over the system landscape either as email attachments or on personal/shared drives. 

This all causes many repetitive tasks, inefficiency, human errors and the inability to act on all the valuable data we can extract from the negotiation proces.

The process overpowers the strategy.

At REALTEQ it’s our mission to solve these problems and provide brokers, tenants and landlords with a streamlined negotiation experience.

The value of our software is the sum of the problems we solve

1 Productivity increase

Stop editing all sorts of files and start focusing on what is important 

2 Data insights

Collect, organise and consult all the data that is yours

3 Single source

No more hundreds of simultaneous  emails, text messages and phone calls making you lose track of the process




Negotiation performance, Data ownership, Team management and Trends are key metrics a broker needs optimizing the negotiation process. What more is important?



A streamlined process brings many advantages. Do you want to benefit from financial efficiency, data ownership, trends and optimization of your real estate portfolio?



Evolving markets require proactivity. Do you want to stay ahead in terms of financial efficiency, data ownership, confidentiality and optimization of portfolio negotiation?

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